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Secure CEO as a Service





Hourly Consultation

I can help you with the following Strategies:

  1. Business Startup Strategies – Lean Startup.
  2. Securing Businesses
  3. Secure Recruitment Strategies
  4. Marketing & Sales Automation Strategy
  5. Information Security Strategies
  6. Information Technology Strategies
  7. Enabling Leadership Team
  8. Enabling you to execute like a CEO.
  9. Building Organisational Planning.
  10. Securing Customer Trust

Note: We do not entertain any refunds as it involves the cost of my time. The price is per hour.

This package is Service-oriented and suitable for Startups (SMBs), and Small-and-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs). For corporates, this package is not adequate. Please contact me using the chat or contact form to work out a custom package.

This package involves only providing strategies and not implementation costs. After the discussion, we will provide implementation costs if you want to opt for solutions from my team.

You may ask a pre-sales question over the chat before you subscribe.


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