CISO as a Service

Chief Information Security Officer as a Service Stay focused on your business while an accomplished, cost-effective CISO’s best-in-class take care of your organisation’s security and compliance requirements at the fraction of the cost of having a full-time CISO. How CISO-as-a-Service specialists help your organisation? Our CISO-as-a-Service geeks have immense experience across all segments of the …


CTO as a Service

CTO AS A SERVICE A technical leader is a precondition for startups and companies. At the beginning stage, a senior developer or founder with a strong engineering experience is satisfactory to lead the tech team and make technology-related decisions. However, at the point of augmentation, every startup and business requires a technically sound individual who …



CEO as a Service

CEO AS A SERVICE What Is Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?  A chief executive officer (CEO) is the principal-ranking executive in a company. The prime responsibilities entail performing significant corporate decisions, accomplishing the overall business operations and resources of a company. CEO represents the foremost point of communication between theĀ (the board) board-of-directors. And being the public …